Gavin Morrison is a consultant otolaryngologist, treating adults and children
Gavin Morrison undertakes the full range of general ENT conditions, treating them medically and surgically
Private consultations are available to both children and adults
All enquiries and bookings are handled by Barbara, Gavin Morrison’s secretary and practice manager.
Gavin Morrison operates on children at the Portland Hospital, London W1
He operates on adults at The London Clinic, near Harley Street
Access to Gavin Morrison’s paediatric ENT practice at the Evelina Hospital is exclusively by GP referral
Gavin Morrison has sub-specialist interests and particular experience in paediatric otolaryngology, otology, neuro-otology, endoscopic sinus surgery, dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus | 020 7487 4446

Teaching & Research

Click the image for a PDF comprising a full CV for Gavin Morrison.  In addition to the usual career details, the CV includes an extensive list of his teaching and research presentations, articles and book chapters.

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This page features powerpoint presentation PDFs of many of Gavin Morrison’s recent talks.  Some of the talks are illustrated with video clips of GAJM’s surgery in action.  For maximum ease of use and clarity of captioning, each video is separately embedded (streaming from YouTube). There is no audio content, so it is entirely possible to show several videos simultaneously.

The presentations and videos are displayed here in alphabetical order of category for ease of professional reference.  Each category includes presentation PDFs with corresponding videos where appropriate. Videos that are specific to any single presentation are displayed immediately after the PDF for that presentation.

Click any category in the following list to go straight to it: Airway Surgery, Cholesteatoma, Cochlear Implant, Dizziness, Hearing Loss, Middle Ear & (General) Paediatric ENT.

Many of Gavin Morrison’s presentations are specifically concerned with his paediatric work.  Paediatric presentation titles are highlighted by the use of a slightly brighter yellowish ochre.

Paediatric Airway

Prenatal Airway Management
Cover page of presentation

Baby's face in utero

Placement of a balloon in the trachea of the foetus inside the womb

Airway Obstruction
Cover page of presentation

Micro-laryngoscopy of a baby who has failed extubation after spending time in paediatric intensive care, because of inappropriate use of a Cole tube

Early subglottic stenosis acquired from prolonged intubation

Incipient subglottic stenosis on a baby who has been intubated

Cover page of presentation

MRI reconstruction of a patient with tracheal compression from an abnormal blood vessel

Virtual bronchoscopy of an infant, constructed from time-lapse images of a CT scan of a baby’s airway

Paediatric Tracheostomy
Cover page of presentation
Supraglottic Obstruction
Cover page of presentation
Choanal Atresia Surgery
Cover page of presentation
Cover page of presentation


Paediatric Cholesteatoma
Cover page of presentation
Attic Ventilation
Cover page of presentation

Cochlear Implants

Preparation of the access to the round window membrane for insertion of a cochlear implant

Insertion of an advanced bionics mid-scalar electrode using a two-hand insertion technique

CI surgery for the Very Young
Cover page of presentation
Bliateral Implants
Cover page of presentation
Difficult Cases
Cover page of presentation


Trans-mastoid occlusion and resurfacing of a superior semi-circular canal dehiscence

Removing cholesteatoma that has eroded a fistula in the posterior limb of the superior semi-circular canal

Occlusion of the posterior semi-circular canal for the treatment of intractable BPPV

Menière's Disease
Cover page of presentation

Endolymphatic sac decompression and drainage for Menière’s disease

Endolymphatic sac decompression and drainage for Menière’s disease

Surgery for Vertigo
Cover page of presentation
Positional Vertigo
Cover page of presentation
Dizziness in Children
Cover page of presentation

Hearing Loss

Cover page of presentation
Congenital Hearing Impairment
Cover page of presentation
Sensorineural Hearing Loss
Cover page of presentation

Middle Ear

Retraction Pockets
Cover page of presentation
Mastoiditis Controversies
Cover page of presentation
Ear Infections in Children
Cover page of presentation
Glue Ear
Cover page of presentation

(General) Paediatric ENT

Update for GPs
Cover page of presentation
Inspiration, Incision, Innovation
Cover page of presentation

Gavin A J Morrison MA FRCS

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